Clean Hands Save Lives

8 millions of lives a year, maybe yours.



Le geste qui sauve

8 millions de vies par an, peut-être la vôtre.



Die Rettende Geste

8 millionen Leben ein Jahr, vielleicht bei Ihnen.



Un Gesto Salvador

8 millones de vidas al año, tal vez la tuya.



O Gesto Que Salva

8 milhões de vidas por ano, talvez a sua. 




生活の8 milions年、多分あなた。



Did you know?

Nosocomial infections (hospital-related infections) are illnesses acquired during health care.

The issue

At least 500,000 patients are infected each day throughout the world. 20 to 50,000 die as a result.

The answer

Hand hygiene using alcohol-based handrubs reduces the number of infections, and thus the related deaths, by 50%.

Help save lives.

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